NEC announces end to on-site phone systems.

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This information is crucial for you if your company currently has a NEC phone system. Over the following few years, NEC plans to gradually phase out their business phone systems on-site and eventually leave the on-premises UC industry entirely. This is a surprising move for a company with a 16% market share, and thousands of UK firms who presently use NEC phone systems will be concerned.

The salient points are as follows:
These three NEC on-premise phone system models are impacted by the notice:

  • NEC SL2100
  • NEC SV9100
  • NEC 3C

For a long time, several NEC phone systems—including the XN120, SV8100, SL1100, and Aspire—were no longer manufactured.

You should think about your alternatives if your company employs any of the aforementioned phone networks, especially in light of the impending 2025 PSTN Switch Off. There are alternatives available, such as switching to a cloud-based VoIP phone system, if you decide your company does not want to use an outdated phone system.

Important dates:

End of New Deliveries (EON): December 31, 2024 The ability to order new products for system sales will expire on this date.

End of Shipment: March 31, 2025: At this time, NEC will no longer ship any new hardware orders placed prior to the EON date.

End of Service (EOS) is March 31, 2026; this marks the end of NEC’s technical support for the phone system.

End of Support for Software Assurance, or EoSWA, denotes the end of technical support for NEC software-related issues.

You should talk with a NEC phone system specialist about your alternatives if you’d need additional information about the aforementioned warning and how it affects your company.

This is an excellent time for many organizations to upgrade and consider switching from outdated ISDN or analog lines to a contemporary VoIP system. You may enjoy additional benefits from cost savings through lower monthly costs in addition to the many advantages of using the more recent VoIP technology. In many instances, the savings from converting your old phone lines allow the VoIP upgrade to even pay for itself.


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